grrrm (grrrm) wrote,

Paul and Storm Renew My Faith in Humanity, Or Something

You know, as of late, Pesci and I have been discussing the future of FTBG.  Considering GRRM's output rate, we realized that we might be writing this blog for another ten years until the last book is out.  Ten years.  I mean, at some point, I'm going to run out of parody scripts, or snotty remarks, or cocaine.  And then where will we be? (If you guessed "Shivering and covered in snot in a rest stop bathroom," congratulations, you win!)  And after all, I'm pretty sure we've made our point; I can't imagine us getting any more undue attention than we've already received, or making friends with even more of the awesome supporters, webmasters, and ubergeeks that we've come in contact with since this began.

So we're really just filling time at this point...aren't we?

I don't know.  Because many others have taken the ball and gotten it rolling in a variety of creative and entertaining ways, and that makes me wonder if perhaps FTBG has outlived its usefulness.  After all, do I really have the time/effort/creativity to match this piece of brilliance from Paul and Storm? 

I doubt it.  And man, I would love to drink beers with these guys. 

However, that brings me to a new thought.  Even though the relevance of FTBG is a bit questionable at this point, it's great moments of humor and creativity like Paul and Storm's video that let me know that its mission is not.  Paul and Storm, thank you for reminding me that FTBG is not alone in the universe, that all of this has not been for naught, and that maybe, just maybe, there's more entertainment to be mined from the rich and glorious depths of ASOIAF. 

Waxing poetic on a beautiful Friday afternoon,

P.S. Once again, I have to say it...Paul and Storm, that video is fricking fantastic.
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