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What's the Point?

What is up you bastards?  Things have been a little crazy for old Pesci lately.  If you’re looking for some action at the window I have the inside track on a 7 year old softball team.  Bet the Maroon Dolphins and Uncle Joe will take care of you.

 Right now I am gearing up for the big NATO summit in the Chicago.  All the stinkies are in town ready to throw their feces at Chicago’s finest.  I hope to see some serious beatings. 

 Everyone enjoying this season of GOT on HBO?  I find it a little blah so far.  I do enjoy how the directors try to distract us from the monotony by throwing in background sex scenes while the characters give dialogue.  I mean, the show is fine, but I need a little more action.  I think it is a bit of copout when you have a guy like Theon bust into Bran’s room and have to explain everything he did step by step.  Just show us a little bit; Ironmen throwing grappling hooks, slitting the throats of a few guards etc.  I don’t ask for much.  If I need intense action, I can always flip on an episode of Spartacus. I do feel that they are trying to shove too much into each episode. For such a high budget show they do slack a bit in the action scene department.  Right now I think my favorite part of the show is the opening theme music. But enough about that.

 How’s our boy doing?  What’s he doing?  Any progress on book six?  We are past the one year anniversary of Dance (April 28th 2011).

So let’s see:  Chubbles is directing fans to Ebay to find limited copies of something he signed….not interesting……..plugging figures and a GOT video game, which actually does look pretty good…… song of ice and fire update – not updated……..football stuff…..Jets will be dysfunctional again……no news there………whining about how many emails he has to catch up on…..if you are typing Lord Tater, put you efforts into your craft and not a heaping bowl of Kraft mac n’ cheese……….lot’s of travel bullshit, he is pretty much gone all summer….great no work to be done ……

 So what do we do?  Not much we can do.  I’ve grown so bored, I found myself reading old Drizzt Do’urden novels.  Love the double scimitars. 

 Uh-oh – I just read that an old short story of His Vastness is also being considered for an HBO series – The Skin Trade, so werewolf novel.  This means more distractions. 

 Lately I have been musing over the idea that I started reading GOT in college and I might be paying for college for my oldest when this series is finally finished.  Weird and a bit pathetic.



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May. 12th, 2012 09:44 pm (UTC)
Straight from the Fat Man's blog....
Reading. I just finished THE KING'S BLOOD, the second volume of Daniel Abraham's "Dagger and Coin" series. Books like this remind me why I love epic fantasy. Yes, I'm prejudiced, Daniel is a friend and sometime collaborator... but damn, that was a good book. Great world, great characters, thoroughly engrossing story. The only problem was, it ended too soon. I want more. I want to know what happens to Cithrin, and Marcus, and Geder, and Clara. And I want to know NOW. God damn you, Daniel Abraham. I know for a fact that you are writing more Expanse books with Ty, and more urban fantasies as M.L.N. Hanover, and doing short stories for some hack anthologist, and scripting some goddamn COMIC BOOK, and even sleeping with your wife and playing with your daughter. STOP ALL THAT AT ONCE, and get to writing on the next Dagger and Coin. I refuse to wait.

(Yes, for the irony impaired, the paragraph above is me being snarky. I WAS disappointed when Daniel's book was over, though... and the moment the next volume is available, I intend to snatch it up at once. Meanwhile, there are other good books to read).

No, GRRM. You don't have the moral authority to snark at another author because you want his book to come out. You do NOT.
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